In this world there never seems to be enough time. We have all the gadgets to do things more efficiently. We strive to utilise our time to the maximum but struggle to get everything done. Yet our greatest loss today is time; time for others, time for family, time for the kids, time for our spouse and time for ourselves.

We are all allotted a fixed amount of time in this world. Our choice must be to use it wisely on the things that really matter and on that which effect eternity rather than waste it on the fleeting pleasures of self-indulgence that benefit very little.

Most of our time is spent in pursuing more money, supposedly for a better lifestyle. Higher financial income does not necessarily mean increased prosperity. Prosperity means to progress advantageously in things desirable and good. Loosing touch with the real needs or welfare of those around us is neither good nor desirable. The pursuit of income usually comes to the detriment of the real needs of those around us.

Short term or short sighted goals that lead to a supposedly improved situation must be balanced with the long term reality of life style consequences.

Russ Crosson in his book ‘A Life Well Spent’ put it this way: “We have been in a rush to run the race without understanding the finish line”.