Often having embarked on a program to alter our undesirable habits, we relapse. By way of an example: if we are altering our habit of smoking, we apply all the suggestions that we have talked about in my previous blogs. We have planned everything, started, and then, after a month we find we have started smoking again. It is at this point that we may feel a number of negative emotions. We may be disappointed, feel helpless, worthless and want to give up.

This is why it is so important to have a support group around us. With them we need to evaluate what has happened. We need to realise that we had given up smoking for a whole month. This is a great accomplishment. A whole month without smoking! Well, if we can do it for a month, then we can do it again for another month. All we need to do is go back and re-implement everything that we did before. Set the goal, do the planning, look at the resources and set the plan in motion.

But now we have even more resources – we know we can do it for a month!

With this approach we can easily string a whole heap of ‘no smoking’ months together. At the end of the year we may have gone 9 months in total without smoking. That is a whole heap better than the year before.

The main keys are to have achievable goals, do some more planning and restart. It is useful to avoid focusing on what we are trying to stop but we need to create an image of what we want to be in our mind. We always need to evaluate our successes.

There, we have done it!