One of our greatest difficulties as Christians is when, what we read in the Bible does not match what we are experiencing in our daily lives. We may sincerely believe but because it does not happen we may wonder is this stuff real? Does God really care? Is the Bible true or is it a delusion?

As we experience this dichotomy, we may feel we are not good enough or that we do not have sufficient faith. We may look at our own abilities and become disheartened and disappointed. We may even give up and walk away.

Modernist and post-modernist thinking is born out these experiences. So where does theology and reality meet? Do they ever meet somewhere?

Over the next couple of months, I want to tackle some of these issues in small bite size pieces. To that point I want to suggest that we treat the upcoming blogs as a series and not look at them individually. Maybe you have some particular questions you are wrestling with. Please mail them to me and I will attempt to answer them in the blogs.

Today, I want to deal with a fundamental issue of who is to blame when things go wrong. Many insurance policies have a clause in them that avoids them from paying out a claim when it is an ‘act of God’. This lie has so permeated our thinking that we may blame God for everything that goes wrong. This may include natural disasters, children being raped and even untimely deaths. I have often heard the statement, ‘If God is a God of love, why doesn’t He do something about it’.

The foundational truth is God is good and can only do good. Satan is evil and can only do bad. If we can get a hold of this truth we will start putting our energies and effort into the correct areas. If we are hoodwinked into believing the lie that it is God’s punishment on a sinful people how can we ever approaching Him to rescue us. If we don’t call on Him for help we don’t initiate the process for help to come.

Secondly, God is not mad at us. All He wants is to help us if we will call on Him. His dissatisfaction with a ‘sinful people who can’t get it right’ has been satisfied 2000 years ago. He knows our brokenness and the reason we mess up. None of us will ever expect a person with a broken leg to run 100 yards in 10 seconds. Well, neither does He.

Maybe we have been told some stuff that has caused us to be fearful of God. Well it is time to flush those lies down the drain and approach God in a new and different way.