Most people when confronted with the question, ‘Is God in control over the events of our life here on earth?’ will probably answer ‘yes’. Often they will qualify it with some explanation why bad stuff happens. They may say that God allows it, it is His permissive will or even, it is His punishment.

So to the question: ‘Is God in control of the events in our time-space continuum – our life here on earth?’

Let us ask ourselves the following questions:

‘Do we have a free will?’

‘Does God interfere with our free will?’

The answer to that is we have a free will and God does not stop anybody using their free will in any manner they choose. He has taken His hands off and has allowed us to do what ever we please. Therefore He cannot be in control here on earth. He will not stop any person from committing an atrocious crime no matter how vulnerable or innocent the victim is. History is testament to that.

The only way God can influence the events taking place in our time-space continuum is when we invite Him in through prayer. The key to our invitation to Him to intervene in the affairs of mankind, is that it must be in line with His perfect will. Our prayers must be born out of our own correct motivation and belief. Scripture says we can pray incorrectly or with the wrong attitudes (James 4:3).  The person being prayed for also needs to have the correct heart attitude and faith.

Our prayers also need to be focused towards the problem and not the fruit of the problem. For example if the person we are praying for has a stomach ulcer and this is caused by worry, God may not heal the ulcer but might want the person to trust Him and deal with the reasons that he has developed anxiety. Our body may then heal itself. In many ways our bodies are created to heal themselves.

My personal belief is that outside our time-space continuum, God is totally in control. The moment we leave our earthly bodies and enter His realm, His will be done. Scripture clearly states that every knee will bow and there is no freedom of choice in that statement.

In summary, God can only be in control of the events in our lives when we invite Him to take control and His response may not be in the manner that we may want because we cannot always see the ‘big picture’.