The topic of God and sickness causes much consternation. This is one of the biggest quandaries for believers; especially those who have seen God miraculously heal someone. The question then is, ‘why are not all believers who have faith, healed?’ We know that the Apostle Paul experienced people being healed but yet why did not God heal his eyes? Is God unfair or just whimsical? Is there something we can do about it or should we just tolerate our pain or condition until we die?

The first question to ask is, ‘what is God’s heart regarding sickness?’ and then to get a bigger understanding why we get sick.

Let me answer the first part: ‘what is God’s heart regarding sickness?’

It is vitally important that we know that God wants us to be healthy. He does not want us to be sick. How can we live life to the full or abundantly (1) when we are sick? How can we be the head and not the tail (2) if we are sick? Healing is the children’s bread (3); in other words, healing and deliverance is what God’s children should be ‘eating as a staple diet’.

The most disappointing proclamation I hear is of a person, who has been sick for a while and not experienced healing, say, ‘God wants me to be sick so that I can be a witness for Him in my sickness.’ That is the biggest lie we can ever believe. Such a statement is the result of trying to fit the experience into our doctrine. Doctrine is bigger than our experiences. God wants us well; he does not want us sick.

The result of such a false doctrine is that we give up looking for healing. We settle for second best and in fact, we have lost our faith in God’s ability to heal. The starting point of getting healed is that we must believe that God wants us well irrespective of what we are experiencing. We must also believe God has the power to heal.

The next step is we need to understand why we have become sick and what we need to do to allow God to bring healing into our time-space continuum.

I will talk more about that in my next blog.

1 John 10:10

2 Deuteronomy 28:13,44

3 Mark 7:25-27