In my previous blog we learnt that sickness is the result of how we live and it is our responsibility to live correctly. But, we may become confused when we pray to God to protect us and an accident happens. Or maybe we are asking for a successful medical operation and there are complications.

The question is: ‘God, why did you not prevent this?’

Most of us accept that God created the universe. He created the earth and he also created all the natural and scientific laws that govern the earth and our universe. Science is a wonderful thing. It tells us how stuff works, the deflection when two objects collide or the breaking strain of a material. When we know how and why, we can manage our lives appropriately. We know that if we place metal in salt water that corrosion will take place. We know that if we ingest chemicals that are poisonous we will get sick. We also know that if we fall badly we could break our bones. But we also know that if we reset the broken bones they will heal. These are the natural and scientific laws working as God intended them to.

I believe that God intended us to live in cooperation and in harmony with these laws. I don’t think that he intended that we should try to defy them. So when we get hurt defying scientific laws, we shouldn’t behave like petulant children, moaning or blaming Him for our own decisions. God wants us to be mature, act wisely and manage what he has given us to manage.

While Jesus was here on earth, he demonstrated that God is bigger than the natural and scientific laws of our time-space continuum. We know that Jesus healed the sick, changed substances, walked on water, multiplied food and moved through walls. What is even more amazing is that he said that we would also be able to do this stuff through the Holy Spirit (1). I believe there is a proviso. It will not happen while we remain immature, full of ego, pride or arrogance (2). We need to be wise, understand and live within the parameters of the scientific laws of universe while at the same time intervene through the direction of the Holy Spirit.

I know that God is intimately involved with each of us and interested in what we are doing. He will not intervene while our unwise actions will bring us to maturity, despite how painful that experience might be. We will never learn to aim carefully while hitting a nail with a hammer if we are immune to the pain of hitting our thumb. This is how we learn. This is how we mature. This is how we gain wisdom. All for the purpose of us one day being beneficiaries of the kingdom (3).

So, where was God when things went wrong?’ I believe He is there and making sure that things do not get so out of hand that something more than we can endure will happen to us (4).

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