We are about to celebrate the most remarkable, one-off event in the whole of the history of mankind – the crucifixion and the resurrection of a man who lived over two thousand years ago – a man from the Jewish tribe of Judah called Yeshua (Jesus).

As I have been pondering this event I came to a conclusion that this event is what gives life meaning. Without this event ultimately life would be meaningless. Francis Chan said it this way;

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

We may be succeeding in life, and to the world it may look like we are flourishing, but without this event, our successes are meaningless.

What a waste to go through this life with all its hardship, its traumas, its difficulties only to find that in the end all our struggles were for nothing. On the flip side, we may not succeed in life, we may be defeated by the random events of this world, but by understand the far reaching implications of this time, our life will not be wasted. Is it not strange that the true meaning of life is so pivotal on such a single event?

The world may wish to trivialise the importance of this occasion and divert our attention. Easter, eggs and bunnies have nothing to do with this occasion. The word Easter is derived from Eostre, who was the Great Mother goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe and the Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [1]. Let us be on our guard and not be diverted by the commercialism of the world from the true significance of the occasion.

For me it is a time to ponder once more on the huge amount of suffering Jesus had to endure and fully appreciate the moment; not that I have to become morbid and downcast. On the contrary, as I appreciate its significance I am more able to celebrate the experience with wonder, thankfulness and joy. It is a time for celebration that there is meaning to living life. For me it is a time of saying, ‘Wow! It is finished’; I no longer have to strive to try and make myself acceptable because of the new bargain between Jesus and our Father in heaven. Not only that but I also don’t have to face the difficulties of life without divine help. What a bargain!

To all my readers, I wish you great joy as we celebrate the significance of this event and of life together.

Living to please the Father’s heart,