One of the comments I often hear is, ‘God is testing me’ or ‘why is He testing me?’ If we believe that everything is a test, then we are most likely living in a state of anxiety and of inferiority. While we have feelings of anxiety and inferiority it is difficult to make significant progress in life.

Let us deal with the question, ‘Does God test us?’

God does not have to test us, as He already knows all our weaknesses[1]. God is described as omniscient – all knowing. Nothing is hidden from Him[2]. God is totally aware of where we will succumb to the pressures of life and he is not ‘caught out’ when we blow it.

There is no scripture in the New Covenant that says God tests us. The scriptures says that our faith will be tested[3]. What happens is that the random events of life overtake us and when that happens we are faced with the dilemma of whether to believe God or try and sort it out on our own or in our own way. It is actually the enemy of our souls who is testing us by throwing circumstances at us in order to make us doubt God. It is our enemy who wants us to doubt the promises. The test is: are we going to believe God or the lies of the enemy?

We are encouraged to check out (test) if the things we are doing are of value[4]. We should do this because if we don’t, we can put a lot of time into something that is a waste of effort and could cause us hardship. We are also asked to test everything[5] when it comes to prophecy and to hold on to that which is going to benefit us.

If we feel God is testing us we have a wrong theology; we are then trying to prove we are good enough to be accepted by God. We are already acceptable to God because of Jesus. What the testing of our faith reveals is those inherent weaknesses in all of us. When these weaknesses are revealed we need to call on the Holy Spirit who was sent to help us[6], because we can’t make it on our own.

In conclusion, our heavenly Father is not testing us, neither is he mad at us. He has sent his Holy Spirit to empower us[7]in a world that can simply overwhelm us.

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