Probably our biggest struggle in our prayer life is our expectancy of how Abba Father should fulfill our requests. This expectancy often leads to disappointment and unfortunately when we become disappointed we often stop praying and believing God. Both of these are contrary to what we should do.

The Bible says that without faith it will not happen.[1] We need to believe but that belief should line up with scripture.  In other words, there is no scripture that says we will win the jackpot but there is a scripture that says He will take care of us.[2] The second aspect is that we need to continue to pray.[3] We have a wonderful example of this in the Old Testament, where Elijah continued to pray for rain.[4]

When our prayers are not answered in the manner we hope or expect, it is important not to let the enemy tempt us with the following lies:

  1. I am not doing it right
  2. God does not exist and this thing is a myth
  3. I am not good enough therefore Jesus won’t answer my prayer
  4. God is testing me – see also Blog
  5. God does not care
  6. God doesn’t like me
  7. I haven’t repented properly
  8. My sins are to big for God to forgive me

It is important to have the understanding and trust that Abba Father knows what will be the most beneficial outcome, what is needed and when it is needed. We need to believe that Abba Father has our best interests at heart. We need to believe that He is faithful and He will do what is right. This is vital for a successful prayer life.

[1] Matthew 9:29

[2] Hebrews 2:6

[3] Luke 18:1

[4] 1Kings 18:42-44