My Personal dialogue with Abba Father


My son,

There is nothing more important than the present moment. Most people live either in the past or try to live in the future. Both are futile and a waste of energy. You cannot change what happened in the past. All you can change is how you feel about what happened and that is done in the present. With me in the present you can change your emotional pain and disappointments with past events, experiences and tragedies.  You are unable to alter the events that have happened.

And you cannot change the future. But you are able to alter the course of events that are happening now by the decisions that you are making in the present. So when you live in the now and here with me, you are able to dictate the course of your personal history. You can plan for the future but that has to be done in the present.

You cannot live in the past, you cannot live in the future. You need to be grounded and living with me now. Come away and live with me in the present .

Love, Abba Father.

2011-01-24 I had a dream early this morning. As I analysed the dream I knew the Father was speaking to me about the Systemic Family Therapy course I am about to begin; my concerns and understanding.

My son, you know I have always lead and guided you and I will continue to always do so. You will never be deceived for your heart is always towards me. You measure everything according to my Word.

Do not be concerned that you may be lead astray or deceived by the world’s ideas – you won’t be. As I have said earlier, I have much in store that cannot be revealed at this time.

Now rest in me. Come away and spend some time with me and soon all that you desire will come to you. Walk with me and in my strength. Do not look at the waves (as Peter did) but look at me as you continue to intercede and pray.

Now spend some time with me, your Abba.

2011-01-01 Prophetic word for 2011.

Persevere, do not look back. In 2010 you have started a journey and you hope that the end is near. You hope that 2011 will be remarkably better than 2010, and it will be but not as quick as you hope.

Keep your eye fixed on the vision to which you have been called. Some aspects of that vision are beginning to unfold but I cannot reveal all at this time as you will try to fulfill them before the appropriate time.

Do not be concerned about the finances. Your prayers have been heard and I will provided your needs.

Draw on my strength and live in my love. Walk close to me. Yours papa.


Is there anything that is impossible for me to do? Do you really believe that? If you do then you will persevere until that which I have promised is accomplished.

So many people pray for something  but because they don’t see it happening, give up. They think I have not heard or that I am with holding something from them. Not true. Without faith nothing supernatural is accomplished.

Remember that faith is hearing what I intend to happen in a given situation. It also requires your participation. It is not just hoping for something to happen. You need to hear my voice, you need to know what I intend to do, then you need to preserver through prayer and patience until it is accomplished. You need to stand on my Rhema word irrispective of what the situation looks like or what the physical facts tell you. That is faith.

Now my son, persevere in what I have told and shown you. Abba Father.

2010-11-22 In answer to a personal wrestle:

“My son, you cannot always please both man and me. Sometimes you will need to make a choice. The choice is never easy and the road ahead can be difficult. If you focus on the immediate hardship the choice becomes more difficult. You must realise that when you choose truth, what is correct it will challenge the attitudes of the heart.

This is even more true when there is an authority over you. Remember my son, I am not talking about laws of  the country but of personal authority because of their office. I am talking about relationships and attitudes in dealing correctly with people. Yes those in authority may be able to block my purposes – they have their own free will – but what is more important is that you do what is right. Right by me and right for those around you.

To do this you need to see the bigger picture. You need to focus on your purpose, on your goal and on me. If you take your eye of the ball you cannot score. Only do what I show you to do today. I am greater than tomorrow. Live as you have been living, to please my heart.

Love, Abba.”

2010-11-15 In answer to my question why I have so few clients at the moment the Father said:

“My son, take time to evaluate your situation. There are things happening that you are totally unaware of. The truth is that, as you have sown so you will reap. You have sown abundantly and you have sown to the spirit. Not a single prayer nor a single action done in love has gone unnoticed by me. All will bring their reward in due season. Do not lose heart because you are not seeing the results you are expecting. Be diligent and persevere and you will see the results of your actions.

Despondency is from the enemy and the tactic is to keep you looking at yourself and at your current lack. Focus on me, focus on my truths, do not doubt my ability to provide for your need. Hold fast to the truth of my word and do what I have laid before you. Do not slack in doing the tasks that you know you must do. Be focused on your purpose and not on your current situation.

Love, papa.


“Keep doing what is right and allow me to change your situation. Faith is knowing that this is true. If you do what the Bible tells you to do, then I, your Father, at the correct time, will draw the hearts of those opposed to you, to change.  I will not make you or anyone else change but will allow you to make the choice to change. Once you have made that choice to change you need to invite me to change you. You know you cannot change yourself in your inner man. Keep your focus on me and not on those that oppose you. Even if those that oppose you do not want to change, I will still protect and care for you”

Dear Reader,

I am challenged to publish extracts from my personal journalling with Abba Father. For those who are new to journalling, the concept is to sit quietly before the Lord and then write down the spontaneous flow of thoughts as the Holy Spirit speaks to me.  Once the flow of thoughts has stopped, I test what I have written against the following criteria: Does it bring peace? Does it bring freedom? Is it consistent with the Scriptures in the Bible.  If it doesn’t meet those criteria it is discarded.

I will write down my thoughts in black and what my Father is saying to me in red. I trust that you may find this as challenging as I find it.

Thank you.


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  1. Rix Banga (@RixBanga)
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 08:47:44

    Your honesty is inspiring.


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