Someone once said, ‘our attitude determines our altitude’[1]. More importantly our attitude will always directly influence the results. If we do something with the wrong attitude we can seldom expect a positive result. The same goes for prayer.

People often use their prayers as a means of complaining about how unfairly they are being treated and how tough their life is. Prayer is not a process to inform God of issues we may think He is unaware of. He knows our struggles and is aware of all the injustices. He knows the number of hairs on our head[2] as well as what we are going to say even before we say it[3]. He knows who is hurting and who is hungry. Abba Father is also aware of the best solutions to every problem, which I have found is not always what I think He should do!

One of the difficulties of our relationship with God is due to our understanding of what He is capable of doing. We have all the examples in the scriptures of how Jesus did amazing miracles. Then He goes on to say that we can ask anything of Him[4] and it will be done. We are also told we can do even greater things than He did[5]. We are His children so why doesn’t it happen? Often we may think that anything we prayed for will happen without restriction. When it doesn’t happen we think God is not interested or is not listening which is not the truth. He is listening and He is interested. It is this apparent paradox that can often send us into a tailspin of confusion.

Most of us would want others to change, be nicer and stop behaving so despicably. More often He is more interested if we are willing to change. To be quite honest, how can we expect others to change if we are not willing to change first! We need to be fully aware that all prayer is based in an open and honest relationship. God cannot bless a lie and if we are lying to ourselves about our own faults then he is not readily going to intervene for our own personal comforts.

The solution to Abba Father answering our prayers lies in our attitude. I believe our prime attitude should be that Abba Father knows what is best and to trust Him in that[6]. The next is that we should first be willing to change before we can expect others to change.

I will share more about attitudes in prayer next time.

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