A long time ago I heard the following story:

A man was visiting a friend who lives in the rural region of a Middle Eastern country. He would go out for walks each day where he would watch the shepherds and their flocks. He was fascinated how the sheep would follow their shepherd when the shepherd called them. In this manner the shepherd would lead his sheep out to pasture and lead them back to the safety of their enclosure in the evening. He remarked upon this to his friend who explained that the sheep know their shepherd’s voice and will not follow another.

A short while later he was walking through a small village where he noticed that an owner of a flock of sheep was driving them. That evening he remarked upon this experience to his friend. His friend smiled broadly as he explain that the owner was not a shepherd but the butcher.

The lesson for us today is, do we follow the voice of the one who calls us or are we driven by something we fear.