In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The Washington Post published an article on September 4, 2005 citing the opinions of some that this is an act of God[1].

It is very clear from Scripture that it is Satan that does evil. It is also clear that God’s anger towards mankind has been satisfied by the atoning work of Jesus. We know that it is the law that brought God’s judgement but we also know that the law has been fulfilled. Therefore we are no longer under the punishment of the law, but live under grace, which is God’s favour despite our wayward behaviour (Romans 6:14-15). What is even more wonderful is that Jesus’ atonement was for the whole world (1John 2:2). A better word for atonement is propitiation, which means Jesus’ sacrifice turned away the wrath of God towards us and took it upon himself.

It is therefore obvious that God is not out to destroy us because we go astray. The heart of the Father is towards people that they should be redeemed, not destroyed or punish. God’s heart is that we should have fellowship with Him and prosper in life.

Now to the question: Is God in control of the weather? My personal belief is ‘no’.

It cannot be attributed as an act of God if a person with free will, sets fire to a large forest with the result that the intense heat disturbs the weather patterns. Nor can it be an act of God if we continue to burn fossil fuels that emit carbons to the extent that we have global warming. Our commission from the beginning of time was and is to look after the earth. The sun, the moon and how we live life influences our weather.

Lastly, in Matthew Chapter 8, we read the account of Jesus rebuking the storm. It is the same Greek word that is used when we rebuke an evil spirit. Now, if Father God sent the storm how could Jesus act in a manner contrary to God? He himself said that he and the Father are one.

So has God taken his hands off? No. He has left us in charge, in a position that we can call on Him intervene. During drought we can pray for rain. Elijah did and so can we also ask God to change the weather.