There is noting in the Bible that tells us that God will prevent us experiencing pain and suffering. But there is a lot that tells us that He will be with us in our pain and suffering. God is not there to get us out of our mess so that we remain irresponsible and make the same mistakes again. What He wants is for us to grow and mature, become wise and responsible.

While we are in our mess, He is able to show us much about Himself, His character, His faithfulness and His love. Not only is He able to show us stuff about Himself, He is also able to show us stuff about ourselves, like bad attitudes, inappropriate behaviour and our unresolved hurts.

If we will not listen nor learn after He has shown us how to live, He will continue to allow us to experience the consequences of our actions. We cannot blame God if we choose not to listen nor learn from our experiences. This is what He calls His discipline (1). This discipline is not punishment but training towards maturity.

God wants us to become responsible and think through the consequence of our actions (2). If we don’t do this we cannot blame God for the consequences. God has given us an intelligent brain to think and intelligence enough to reason that we cannot out think Him. We need to learn that His plans are always better than our plans (3) even thought it might not be what we would like or that there may be some discomfort. We need to learn to call on Him, ask for His advice and commit our plans to him(4) before we do something. Most immature people do it the other way round: they plunge ahead with their plan and when it goes wrong, call on God to bail them out. He won’t bail us out (5) because if He does, we will never learn to rely and work with Him.

God wants us to be mature. If we are not He will teach us. If we don’t learn we will experience pain and suffering. But rest assured, He is with us in our mess even if it feels like He is not there (6).

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