It is amazing how many people have anger towards God because they have experienced a sense of injustice, a feeling that God is unfair. At the same time we may also feel we should not be angry with God or even, it is wrong to be angry with God. This may lead to feelings of guilt.

The questions to ask are: ‘What did God do wrong?’ and ‘Why am I angry towards God?’

Anger, as we have discussed previously[1], is an emotion that tells us that a right has been violated. To resolve our anger we need to establish what right has been violated and is this right valid? Our anger towards God often relates to our expectations not being met. We may read in the Bible the promises but find that when we pray they don’t materialise. Also, we may look at the misery, poverty, famines, disasters and crimes against humanity and feel angry towards God because it appears that He is not doing anything about it. These are valid reasons to be angry, and so they should be, but is it directed towards the right source?

We need to remember that there are evil forces at work in this world. It is due to mankind’s own blunders that these evil forces have tried to get the upper hand. When God created the world he also created man to take care of it. As mankind experienced and came to know good and evil, this right to govern earth was stolen from him. It was only 2000 years ago that the right of those evil forces to govern the earth, was finally broken. But those evil farces are still at work today deceiving and lying. One of the biggest lies is that the misery in this world is all God’s fault. If we believe the lie then we will experience anger towards God. If we are not fooled into believing the lie, then we will direct our fight in the right direction.[2]

‘What did God do wrong?’ The correct answer is that He has come to rescue us from the mess the world is in. Because we are in the mess and because we are feeling the injustice of the world, it does not mean He has lost control or He is doing nothing. God is ultimately in control and justice will be done. When we have come out of the mess on the other side, we will understand more clearly.

What we also need to remember is that God is with us in the mess but at the same time does not interfere with our choice or the choices of others. What we think and believe will ultimately influence the extent to which we can experience Him in our mess. Also our wrong attitudes, our pride, our stubbornness, our unforgiveness and our judgments will also prevent us receiving the help that we are seeking from Him.

The saddest part of being angry with God is that while we are angry, we are unable to approach the only one who is truly able to help us here. He is not stopping us approaching Him but it is our own attitude that gets in the way.